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The Burtonwood Amateur Music and Drama Society

is affiliated to

The National Operatic and Dramatic Association

which provides professional support for amateur theatre.

Chairman:  Brian Maffitt             Secretary:  Colin Frodsham             Treasurer: Judith Maffitt
  1. Jan Adair (Vice Chair Person)                 
  2. Steve Milner
  3. Linda Cole
  4. Sue Sefton
  5. Anne Fackey
  6. Jan Large
  7. Sue Sheridan
  8. Julie Ratcliffe
  9. Colin John [CJ] Frodsham
  10. John McConnell
  11. John Hickey



The Society was launched in March 1984 and has achieved considerable success with numererous productions since then. Celebrating our 25th Annivesary in 2009 we put on our 48TH production  "Cash on Delivery" which was warmly recieved by everyone who attended.
2010 saw the pantomime "Red Riding Hood" directed by Jan Adair playing to packed houses at St. Michaels Parish Hall and our production of the hilarious John Chapman & Dave Freeman play "Key For Two" this time directed by Judith Maffitt was performed at Burtonwood Catholic Club on 29th, 30th and 31st July. 
2011 has already seen "Steel Magnolias" directed by Linda Cole on 3rd 4th and 5th Feb and next up is the farce "Not now Darling"
Tickets priced £6.00 and £5.00 concessions will be available soon. More information by calling 01925-226454. 
                                                                                                                                                                            OUR PAST PRODUCTIONS
1984 The Black & White Minstrels --- The Dear Departed
1985 Around the World In Song
1986 A Queen of Hearts
1987 Songs From The Shows
1988 Job For The Boy
1989 Scrooge
1990 The Pyjama Game
1991 Springtime Review --- Jack and the Beanstalk
1992 The Sound of Music
1993 When We Are Married --- Oliver
1994 Move Over Mrs. Markham --- Calamity Jane
1995 Viva Mexico --- Where the Brass Band Plays --- Showstoppers
1996 The Boyfriend --- Not Now Darling
1997 Babes in Burtonwood --- Something to Hide --- My Fair Lady
1998 Wanted One Body --- A Time For Christmas
1999 The Play Readings and Darlings You Were Wonderful --- Me and My Girl
2000 Bad Day at Blackfrog Creek --- Anything Goes
2001 Out of Order --- Laughter in the Dark
2002 Annie Get Your Gun --- Run for Your Wife
2003 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs --- Hello Dolly --- Murdered to Death
2004 Evening of Laughter and Song --- Caught in the Net
2005 Cinderella --- Funny Money --- Fawkes the Quiet Guy
2006 The Wizard of Oz
2007 Sweet Revenge --- Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves
2008 Trivial Pursuits --- What Does Christmas Mean To You
2009 Cash on Delivery
2010 Red Riding Hood --- Key For Two
2011 Steel Magnolias